Waste Water

Waste Water

Municipal and Industrial sewage is conveyed by waste water pumps into collection tanks at the sewage works. Sewage works pumps are usually operated with single seals in either a dead-end arrangement (conical) seal chamber or with product circulation or external flushing (cylindrical seal chamber). While standard seals are in many cases adequate for applications involving the supply of fresh water or conveyance of waste water, special engineering solutions are a necessity where heavy-duty applications in the spheres of drinking water supply or seawater desalination plants are concerned. On the other hand, thermal energy provision requires individual account to be taken of parameters such as pressure, temperature, sliding velocity, friction, water quality and additives. Their high quality ensures that Sealmatic seals significantly boost the availability of pumps in all types of water-related applications.

Non-Clogging Pumps

Seal Type: BR/85

Media Waste Incineration Plant
RPM 1500
Temperature 900 C
Pressure 5 Bar

Raw Sludge Pumps

Seal Type: BJ977/43

Media Raw Sludge
Vg 7 m/s
Temperature 150 C
Pressure 3 Bar

Sewage Block Pumps

Seal Type: UG100/35 in tandem

Media Contaminated Sewage
RPM 2900
Temperature 200 C
Pressure 3 Bar

Submersible Agitators

Seal Type: UG100/43

Media Sewage
RPM 2900
Temperature 300 C
Pressure 3 Bar

Submersible Pumps

Seal Type: UG100/35

Media Industrial Sewage
RPM 2950
Temperature 200 C
Pressure 4 Bar